In addition to providing non-contentious legal work, Dale is able to prepare and take affidavits and statutory declarations and certify true copies.  Our office does not prepare or witness documents for family law, such as separation agreements, although we will notarize the affidavits that are prepared elsewhere.

We can prepare authorization documents for minor children traveling without one or both of their parents. You can also get your own form from the Government of Canada at, which we are happy to witness.

We can witness documents prepared by other Lawyers or Notaries requiring witness of execution by an “Officer”, such as Land Title documents, both in BC and out of BC, and Powers of Attorney.

We also witness forms that require a notary stamp, including Government forms, ICBC affidavits, foreign documents requiring a Notary as witness, insurance proofs of loss, pension and life insurance declarations, administration and probate affidavits.  We also can provide proof of identity for travel and other purposes.

A Notary Public does not stamp previously prepared or signed documents to make them more legal.