Real Estate Transfer & Conveyance

Dale happily represents Buyers, Sellers, Borrowers and Lenders in real estate and mortgage transactions.

If you are dealing with a lender directly or through a mortgage broker, please let them know that we will be representing you and that they should send the mortgage instructions to us.

If you are dealing with a Realtor, either as a Buyer or a Seller, please let them know to send a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale to us, along with their conveyance instructions.

Dale is also authorized to transfer Manufactured Homes under the Manufactured Home Registry.

For our price list for standard purchase/sale and mortgage transactions, please click here

We can also work with you if you are not using a Realtor to prepare or review the documents and give you the advice that you need to avoid the common pitfalls in real estate transactions.  We can help with family transactions, estate transfers, options to purchase, right of first refusal, covenants, easements and other miscellaneous property transfers.

For our price list for miscellaneous real estate transactions, please click here