About Us

The Old House Law Story

Old House Law- We are a collection of old friends and bright young faces practicing law in a new way- in an old house.  So what does that mean?


​Old House Law is a partnership between a Law Corporation (Lyle D. Carlstrom Professional Law Corporation) and a Notary Corporation (T. Dale Roberts Notary Corporation).  That may not seem all that unusual, but it is one of the first (if not the first) multi-disciplinary professional practices in British Columbia involving a lawyer and a notary public.  Lawyers and Notaries both practice law (with Notaries restricted to real estate, wills, contracts, etc.) but, if they are going to work together at all, they usually only operate from the same premises.  In fact, there used to be a less than amicable relationship between the two professions.

Now, at Old House Law, we not only work together, we have adopted some of the best of both worlds.

  1. ​Know what you are going to pay.  One of the fears and frustrations of dealing with many firms is billing based on time.  People are afraid to call the law office, fearing that they are going to be billed for talking on the phone.  When you come to Old House Law, we can tell you what the costs will be (including those dreaded disbursements and taxes) up front.  If the billing has to change due to a change in circumstances, we will let you know how that will change your costs.
  2. Expanded Notary practice.  Even though Notaries in British Columbia can perform many legal procedures, such as preparation of Wills, there are limits on the types of documents that can be prepared.  Notaries cannot prepare trusts, so Notaries can only prepare Wills that hold funds in trust until the age required by law- 19.  Because the preparation of Wills and other estate planning at Old House Law are overseen by a lawyer, you don’t have to go elsewhere.  The same applies to applications for probate, incorporations and other non-contentious legal work.  Dale is not a lawyer, but he has a partner who is.
  3. Drop-in Notarizations.  Monday from 3 till 4.  Tuesday from 9:15 till 10.  Wednesday from 3 till 4.  Thursday from 9:15 till 10.  Dale has had those times available for clients to just show up and get their affidavits and certified copes dealt with on a first come basis.  Now, with two professionals in the office, we don’t have to cancel those times just because Dale has a day off or a dental appointment.
  4. Estate Planning.  Lyle brings a truly collaborative approach to the practice.  Not only does he work closely with Dale, he works in collaboration with all the professionals involved in a person’s estate, including financial planners, accountants, bankers, insurance agents, funeral directors, etc.  His “Estate Planner” is a comprehensive snapshot of a person’s legal, financial and personal situation that can shared and used to properly prepare an estate plan.  Lyle willingly shares his extensive knowledge through seminars with other like-minded professionals.